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Originally Posted by EasternTraveler View Post
So the message is this?

Do not post to flyertalk. Every question that can be asked has been answered. If you post it, you will get a rude reply from someone telling you how you should search for it, because it has already been asked and answered. Never mind that every person has a different level of computer skills and may not be able to search as well as others. There is a thread on that as well. Read it and then do your research. And remember not to ask a question or start a thread, because it has already been answered.
I occasionally post for the 99% of Flyertalkers who are more than willing to share their knowledge when they know something about the subject for which i am very grateful. I also know most of the 1% from previous (and current) replys over the years that represent the dark side. Board bullies are nothing new but they think they are.

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