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I'm guessing you want VPN security for non-encrypted WiFi at coffee shops, airports, and hotels?

I use StrongVPN ( I know somebody that uses HotSpot, but I've never used them so I can't vouch for them.

StrongVPN has several locations you can asked to be assigned to. You can't change your assigned location that easily, so it's not like you can change to the closest one with every trip. I use the DC server and have no problems. I've used the SLC and Dallas servers without problems too.

EDIT: Apparently you can change servers easily now by doing so online. Also, unless you're dealing with some very secure stuff, StrongVPN should suffice. I doubt you need OpenVPN unless your company requires that level of security, and if they did, they should be providing your VPN service for you. Despite its name, OpenVPN is stronger than StrongVPN for security, but it's also more resource intensive on your CPU and slower for internet connectivity.
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