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Malev Business class is ok. On newer generation 737's its fixed seats with 5 across making the A/C seat side better than the D,E,F side. Sometimes row 1 AC is a tighter 2 seat area but I prefer it for legroom. Equally somtimes row 1 D-F only has 2 seats making 2D a very spacious seat.

Budapest airport is a joke. The lounges stink and options are few. There is an upper crust sandwich shop. Be warned all food places charge price to leave you with coins in your pockets and always just over the Hungarian Forint bill sizes. Use a credit card and avoid the currency. The airport exchange booths have awful rates find an ATM if you can. I think OTP banks runs a few, its a big bank.

On board the food is fair to good, the wine is disgusting so avoid it, and the service can be good to poor depending on the person. The planes tend to be fresh and clean. I have no info on Kiev. Malev uses the OneWorld part of the Madrid airport which is very nice.
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