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Originally Posted by adampenrith View Post

Thank you so much for a fantastic detailed TR.

As a fan of Virgin Blue in OZ - and a keen follower of V Australia - thank you from the bottom of my true blue Aussie heart!!!


welcome annoucement was "welcome to melbourne, as the captain takes whats left of the aircraft to the terminal, [...]".

Hopefully now that there is some real competition on the trans pacific route we will see consistently great fares.

Thanks again and good luck getting some great tickets from Sir Richard.

You're mighty welcome, Adam! I'm also a fan of Virgin Blue, and have flown all of my domestic segments on them for the past few years when in Oz, after an Aussie friend recommended them as an alternative to QF. It was my history with DJ that caused me to think VA would be a very interesting airline.

My running joke about DJ is that they've seemingly tried to damage me several times, but seem to keep not succeeding at it, so I therefore must conclude that they're about the safest airline I could possibly fly. Literally, I've been in a bird strike that required an engine shutdown and an emergency landing complete with firetrucks and disembarking away from the terminal, a landing in a then-new Embraer on a short BNE runway on which we BARELY stopped in time after the pilot applied emergency speed brakes (so I can relate to that Melbourne comment!), etc. Yes, even though I'm not an Oz resident, I've still managed to fly a couple dozen DJ segments over the years.

I'm excited about what VA has already done to fares on the SYD-LAX route. It's making it all the easier to lure my stateside friends to come with me on future trips Down Under, so that I can show them a country I really love! I'm even working on my senior-citizen Aunt, trying to explain to her that if she travels Business, it's really not that different from sitting at home in her lounge chair and watching TV for a day.

Oh, and I strongly want to move to Oz for at least a few years and work Down Under... and may apply for a position mentioned on the DJ recruiting web site, as I've done similar work at a globally-known large corporation before.
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