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Originally Posted by restlessinRNO View Post
heleno - Welcome to FT. Thanks for a great trip report! Wow - full length mirrors in the loo.
There was much I left unsaid regarding the possibilities of the comparatively spacious loo, but presumably given the comment's location under entertainment, adults can read between the lines. After I landed, I called a friend and discussed this and asked, "How long do you think before..." and he interrupted me to say, "About 8 hours ago."

Oh, wait, here was one part left unsaid that should have been said: the loo had its own pop/rock music playing. One glitch, IMHO, is that the loo music didn't cut off when PA announcements were made. I missed a PA announcement while I was spending a penny at one point in the flight. What if it had been a seatbelt sign announcement? They should fix that.

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