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Originally Posted by jgoodma3 View Post
My "holiday" (haha) is roughly 2 weeks.
I'm staying in Beverley Hills for 5 nights, then driving upto Vegas to stay at the Bellagio (which i can't wait for!) for 4 nights, I'm gonna drive out to Bryce Canyon, Zion NP, Arches etc (time permitting)... Then move onto Death Valley, Yosemite and ending up in San Fran, I'm taking my time and enjoying the cruising as much as possible
And yes, it will be a big journey compared to driving in the UK, also it's going to be weird driving on the "wrong" side of the road and getting used to automatic transmission as we brits mostly use "stick shift"
Holy ouch!

I rented (hired...I should be used to your vocabulary after spending 5 weeks in Australia!) a car for 6 days as a one-way from SLC to DEN and STILL didn't get to see everything in the area I wanted to. It took me a full day just to drive from east of Bryce (Escalante) to Arches (Moab)--and that was giving Capitol Reef (which you drive through) all of about a half an hour.

Now, I like driving--on that trip, I racked up about 2,200 miles in four actual days of driving--but you're biting off a bit much even for me! By the time you leave Vegas, you're going to have all of five or so days to get all the way out to Arches (easily a two-day drive from Vegas, and more if you actually want to see Zion and Bryce) which leaves you with three days to drive back towards Vegas (another full day of driving), leaving you all of one day to see Death Valley, Yosemite, and drive all the way to SFO.

It *might* be doable if you cut out Arches (the drive through southern UT near Escalante and Capitol Reef out towards Arches is spectacular, but you can only do so much--you'll just have to come again, and Zion and Bryce are more than spectacular enough to make the trip there worthwhile), but if you really want to head out that way, I think you'd either need to extend your holiday or cut out some time in Beverly Hills or Vegas.

It does sound like a great trip, though! Enjoy!
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