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Originally Posted by jackal View Post
I've had a Sebring convertible and a Mustang convertible from Dollar Thrifty (corporate locations) before, so you may be able to pick a Mustang convertible. I actually prefer the Sebring, though. More comfortable seats, better gas mileage (though not as much horsepower), and a better sound system.

I personally like the Chargers and would probably pick that, but I also like big cars. If you don't like driving cars that handle like boats, you may not want to go with the Charger. (It doesn't quite handle like a boat, but there is some definite weight and body lean to it.) The Charger is definitely roomier than the Sebring, especially in the back seat (pick it for sure if there are more than two people).

LAX offers a luxury car collection of Mercedes and various other high-end cars, but the rates are high and there's a pretty low mileage cap of 70 miles per day (though they may have gotten rid of the mileage cap). So out of the standard (non-luxury) cars, there's not many exciting choices other than the fullsize and the convertible.

Do note that no matter what kind of car you reserve, you ARE NOT GUARANTEED that make and model. Although corporate DTAG locations (like LAX) carry a predominately Chrysler Corporation fleet and you are therefore very likely to get a Charger, there is a chance that you would end up with something else.
Many thanks for your input.
There are only 2 of us going, so maybe a Charger would be slightly overkill? And as for the size of the Charger it may be an issue for me to drive because being from the UK where cars are generally very small, it could take quite a big of getting used to :-)
To be honest I think I've heard that the Sebrings also drive like a boat, do you find this to be true?

Money isn't really an issue so we'd gladly go for the luxury class if we got offered it; but I guess it's a case of turning up at seeing what they have first though!
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