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Chairman's Companion

On a flight tonight put of PHL I saw an Air Force Academy student in uniform (don't know the proper term for him) anxious to get home. I was traveling alone and am a CP. I felt in the holiday spirit so I asked the gate agent if there were any seats left in FC. He said yes. I asked if there was a wait list and he said no - didn't want to sc**w a gold/silver. I then told him I felt in the holiday spirit and would like to use my companion upgrade to upgrade the Air Force student.

The GA told me that it had to be someone I knew. I told him the rules only said companion but if he felt uncomfortable I would not do it. I also told hin that I could get to know him in the next 30 seconds.

He saw the light and asked me to have him approach the counter to be upgraded.

What is the real deal here? Can't I just choose anyone on the flight to be my companion? Is this just the PHL effect? Remember, I did this after all other upgrades were cleared so I didn't jip anyone.
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