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I took a bunch of rebate checks to my chase branch yesterday and included 2 rolls of Andy Jacksons. That brance only has 2 tellers, no drive through and is always a line out the door. After a 20 min wait to get to the front, the teller says something like, you don't want to keep the Jacksons? You now they will just stay rolled here and won't circulate and had quite an attitude. I told her I had over $4000 wrth at home and since I was making a deposit anyway she was lucky I didn't bring in a thousand of them!!! I use a roll a day in life, I am waiting for the nice buttons from the mint to wear while I spend them and hand them out this summer in change at our business.......


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I took a box to the bank, and the teller said she had never seen anyone depositing coins like this before. She kept asking me where I got it; what I was doing, etc. I didn't want to evade, and I told her these coins are straight from the Mint and I'm just "recycling" the coins for the miles. She was amazed.
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