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Originally Posted by ironmanjt View Post
So, I've never had such bad luck as I have this month with 922 IAD-LHR:

27-Dec: Delayed from 09:45 to 06:00 the next day due to "fueling issues." 20:15 delay.

early Jan: Delayed from 09:45 to 20:00 due to "crew problems." 10:15 delay.

Now, tomorrow, 18 hours in advance, delayed from 09:45 to 18:00 due to "late arriving aircraft." This plane always comes overnight from GIG or EZE, both of which are on time. I suspect something fishy since loads are only about 30% on this one....

This is 40 hours of delays in 3 flights. UG.

Your plane is arriving ontime from EZE but the LHR flight is delayed due to required maintenance work.
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