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As I'm reading through the various posts around the Platinum Medallion fee waiver for award ticket changes and redeposits of miles, I wanted to chime in with what will happen, when and why the change:

There are some changes coming this year that we intend to announce as part of the consolidated loyalty program, the significant majority of which will be positive for customers. We have committed that during this consolidation we will retain many positive attributes of our two programs and we are not shying away from this. With this said, there will be a couple of items that we need to align or change to the negative for WorldPerks and SkyMiles customers. Weve already announced some increases to the WorldPerks fee structure and an adjustment to the bonus miles awarded to WorldPerks Platinum and Silver Elites to align with Delta Platinum and Silver Medallions. We are also in the process of communicating what I believe will be one of the biggest negative changes for Delta Platinum Medallions that being the elimination of the waiver around award ticket changes and redeposits. We have reviewed this waiver policy at length and have studied data inside/out around what the policy is creating in terms of award seat issuances, no shows, cancellations and other customer behaviors. Unfortunately, almost 10% of ticketed award seats by Platinum Medallions are no-shows on flights, and then after the seat goes out unused, we are giving customers their miles back without charge. On top of this, Platinums are taking and canceling award seats at alarming rates far greater than other Medallions, which is likely driven by this waiver policy. Given the number of award seats issued to Platinum Medallions, and what is better access to award seats that Platinums have, many thousands of award seats are being taken, held, and then go out unused without other customers having the opportunity to access them. The result is that we needed to institute a fee for this activity, and not continue to waive it. It is disappointing that this policy needed to be reviewed and its not a change that we wanted to make, however it was one that we felt necessary at this time. The timing for this waiver change will be March 1, 2009.
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