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Originally Posted by bobcollie View Post
It seems that the course of using as the surviving web site has changed; rather than simply complain in this forum about it (with hopes that someone from NWA or Delta will see our thread and do something about it), I think we should put our effort into crafting a well joint written letter to be sent in postal mail to the transition teams at Delta and NWA. Our letter should indicate the key areas of functionality that exists on and does not on for which we feel must be part of the resulting merged site and why.

PM me with your name, email address, 2008 EQMs and current elite status and I will create a google group and doc for us to collaborate on what we will send. The more signatories to the letter the better probability of success.

I am going to ensure that the letter keeps a positive tone and is succinct and professional so that it will be received and acted on as we desire.

Thanks in advance for your participation.
Thanks but no thanks. While the exercise - and it is only that, an exercise - has noble intent, if you believe that Anderson will do anything but read the letter, laugh, and file 13 it, you may be engaged in overly wishful thinking.

The only thing that DL listens to is revenue, but even given that, losing NW elites or even the chance at losing NW elites appears to not ruffle Anderson's feathers in the least. He wants more revenue, sure, but what he really wants is less cost. Does he needs two websites, and further, two sets of FTEs maintaining those sites? No. But given the two websites, does he choose to turn into a better website, using some of the functionality? Noooo. He just pulls the plug. So much for executive intelligence.

Theresa, you have sold out.

Once again, for the record, this takeover is eerily similar to AA/TW. Every move by DL has followed the playbook.
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