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Originally Posted by john_r06 View Post
The staff are very friendly and efficient.

I agree someweeks you are served straight away but it can be a bit of a lottery catching someone if you want to order off the menu.

But hey I would sooner be in a BA Galleries anyday to a BMI offering!!
I must admit that I seldom see the need to "really" eat in the Flounge. If I am on LH I am going to get a reasonable meal or two on board - certainly more than enough to sustain me until we get to the destination and on SH (for most of the nearer destinations) I will have a restaurant available within 2-3 hours if I am really famished.

However I often browse the buffet or grab a sarnie to absorb the champagne.

OK my metabolism is slowing as time goes by and my major exercise is legging it up and down air bridges, so the calories have to be watched!

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