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Originally Posted by LHR Tim View Post
Hold on, you're going Machester - London-Capetown-London and then down to Joburg and back. So two round trips?

So double the fees, makes sense as it appears as two tickets.

Now what are the new dates are you travelling? Are they after 1 Nov 2009 when Alistar Darling screws us all welll and truly?
The new dates are all over the festive period this year, just as they were in the original booking. Next year's dates to JNB have not changed, though the return segment does occur after 1 November 2009.

I realise that it is now incumbant on BA to pay the increased APD for the JNB-LHR and LHR-MAN segments after 1st November 2009. An airline can choose to pass on the APD to the passenger if they wish but, correct me if I'm wrong, I thought BA had a history of not doing this. Either way, this new APD, as far as I can work out from, is just £20 extra for JNB-LHR and a massive £1 extra for LHR-MAN.

How BA have arrived at c.£160 extra taxes/fees etc is still no clearer.
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