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Originally Posted by IncyWincy View Post
joanek - not too a stay!

Was there some major event going on?

The Churchill is often the favourite of Middle Eastern families in the summer.

What about in December?
I asked about major one could think of any "big do," but the weekend did include the annual Saturday that Oxford and Regent Streets are closed to vehicles, giving pedestrians a bit more walking room during shopping hours. And I think it was a holiday weekend in Spain, which probably accounted for some of the overflow. But there did not appear to be a big wedding, or conference. And no big office Xmas parties, either.
I've always noticed a large number of Middle Eastern visitors in December, too---and they seem to stay through the week, not just weekends.
But there were also a fair number of Americans, and I spoke with a few Canadian travelers, too.

I also noticed that the Selfridge Hotel was shut down for renovation....they used to do shopping/hotel promos, and Hyatt could have picked up a few of those guests.

I won't categorize this stay as "bad," it just wasn't as glitch free as some I've had at the hotel ---including a few Priceline stays when it was an Intercontinental. The two big issues, noise and my "breakfast bonus", were addressed as soon as the words were out of my mouth. The club access is always space available, and while I was annoyed not to make the cut the first few days, my little heart wasn't broken.

BTW, the day room I had was a high floor, courtyard one. I scanned for wifi, and was able to pick up a very strong signal from BT Openzone, (or whatever they call the bt neighborhood network hub) and a bit of investigation showed that daypasses were just 5 pounds---the signal didn't appear when i was in a streetside room.

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