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That's because people like me are back in standard class downloading music with it
Precisely. So we all get a rubbish service.

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At least, unlike GNER, they've taken the initiative to propose new routes off their core franchise commitments.
Some of these were in GNER's plans too, if only to try to head off competition from open-access operators like Grand Central/Union and Hull Trains.

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Not that bmi have ever swapped out an a/c or apologised to me for a lack of in-flight service between London & Scotland of course
Ah, but you wouldn't get on to your bmi service to find that your seat physically didn't exist - and no cuppa on an 80 minute service is rather different to there being nothing hot on a long haul London to Edinburgh rail service.

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Being in Glasgow, with a choice of Virgin and their Pendolinos to Euston or NXEC and their Mallard 225s to King's Cross, I will always choose to take the slower option and go with NXEC down the east coast [....]truly superior first class service with a full service restaurant (have you tried the eggs benedict? )
I have, as it happens. I had them for lunch on Friday heading South and they were lovely. Great service, great punctuality, comfortable etc., etc. So why should I have paid the same for the abject rubbish I got on Sunday?

However, the issue here is a comparison between NXEC and GNER. I've yet to find a single thing that NXEC have delivered that is an improvement, and a very great deal that is retrograde.

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Yes the journey's longer, but the ECML has proved to be less prone to delays and I just prefer travelling on those trains, even if GNER take the credit for specifying their interior re-design.
I'm on shakier ground here, but I don't think they did. I believe that the DfT specified and GNER merely approved. As with everything on the rails, the TOC has next-to-no say about the hardware; their involvement is simply in making it move and delivering the soft on-board product - plus sales and marketing etc.

And 'Escape' is, thus far, a bit of a joke too. Quite why it has taken a year to develop a programme with higher spend requirements and lower rewards is beyond me. And my first three interactions with them (email, email and phone) have been, frankly, farcical.

Otherwise, they're great!
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