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You are thinking about this correctly.

On AA, If your trip is booked as one big ticket (i.e., one PNR), then you must travel on that routing all the way through. Assuming you are buying a non-refundable ticket, the only privilege you are allowed is the ability to change your dates. Keep in mind that date changes cost money, your original fare class must be available, and you can only change dates after travel begins. Any changes before you start your trip or to your routing will require you to purchase a new ticket (although, for a fee, you can put your residual ticket value towards your new ticket purchase).

If you buy a series of three one-way tickets, all on separate PNRs, you can cancel any one of them without impacting the others. Buying your tickets like this can be more expensive if there are not a lot of discount one-way fares on your routing, but PHX, BWI and MCO, generally, are one-way friendly given the position of WN and US at all three. MIA is loosing up too as it competes with discount friendly FLL. The downside is that if you buy a PHX-BWI and a BWI-MIA ticket, it will cost you $300 ($150 each) to cancel them should you want you money back (as a voucher, of course).

If you want to minimize risk by having three affordable one-way tickets that are changeable without a fee, fly non-stop on all of your legs (using FLL instead of MIA), leave and arrive on schedule, not pay baggage fees, etc., fly Southwest.
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