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I'm happy as can be for those of you who stuck it out, but this (long overdue) step just restores the status quo ante. That status quo was pretty bad -- bad enough to send me and lots of others running to other, better programs.

This all reminds me of a professor friend of mine who always got top student ratings by one simple method: His syllabus required five research papers, but he always "canceled" two of them out of "sympathy" for his poor, overworked students. He still got three papers out of them (much harder work than I ever did, even in grad school), and they practically ate out of his hand for the "leniency" he showed in canceling the other two.

It was a win-win situation for them: he got more work out of them, while they got a better education and were grateful for the "break."

It is NOT necessarily a win-win situation with US: they may retain more customers, but the status quo ante (plus a few delightful "enhancements") will (absent further back-tracking) still kill the airline in the long run, because demoralized personnel + inferior product = dissatisfied customers = fewer customers = liquidation.

Good luck.
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