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Originally Posted by thadocta View Post
As for food and other stuff, this was an international arriving flight, and therefore subject to customs control. Everything that went on to and off that flight was dictated by customs, NOT Qantas.

Again, having been there and done that as an employee (and I am defintely NOT a QF apologist) there is NO way that QF would have been able to handle this situation differently.

It is purely the customs and immigration issues which caused the delays.
So a QF employee that put some TP on a stick to push it into the aircraft door would have been punished? Give me a break. If that's the case QF needs to fire any PR people for not doing their job (making it clear that the fault was entirely the government's).

QF said it could not resupply the aircraft because 747s don't usually land at CBR. Utter BS. If they can get pax on and off the aircraft, they can get supplies onto the aircraft. If government regulations were to blame, why did QF blame its inability to provide toilet paper on their inability to "service" the aircraft?

A Qantas spokeswoman said: "The aircraft stopped at Singapore from Europe so there wouldn't have been [resources] left on board, anyway."

She said it was not possible to get extra supplies on board at Canberra. "Canberra's not set up to service a 747 - they don't normally land there; it's not an international airport."
Anyways, the articles about this event say that the crew held people in the aircraft so they could leave at 5:30am, something they knew they were not allowed to do. What's missing here?
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