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I think you're hosed, and will have to take your flights as ticketed.

Not only do you have no DFW-PHL segment, you don't even have a connection between DFW and PHL, with those stops on two different tickets.

Even if you did, you can't do a confirmed same-day change from a flight on the 20th to one on the 19th, or stand by for one. I once tried to change, both ways, from a 12:40 AM redeye to one that left at 11:30 PM. I was told no on the phone (for the confirmed) and refused for the standby at the airport. The flight I wanted to stand by left a mere 70 minutes before mine, with plenty of empty seats.

Your argument of saving them from flying you on several useless segments may sound logical, but airfares and their rules are in no way logical. That's proved by the fact that if you canceled the two tickets you're holding, and purchased the routing you want (which, theoretically, should AA less), you'd have to pay extra.

You might have a shot IF you can get a voluntary bump on the way out, and offer the simpler routing up as acceptable to you. They get a lot more flexible and logical when they're required to accommodate you.
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