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Originally Posted by Firewind View Post
Why would you be denied the G3? Just put the request in in the comments box, confirm it at the front desk, and if you don't receive it, call Gold Passport customer service and get it added back.
I agree with you that is how things should work. In my experience, they don't.

I have found that the front desk of Hyatt Places has no idea how to input bonus codes. I spoke to three different employees at one HP where I stayed. Not a one of them knew how to do this. I was told that it would occur automatically. Well, it didn't, even when inputting the code into the check in kiosk.

We no longer have diamond agents, even though the line is answered diamond desk. I was chasing bonus points this week, and spoke to a congenial young man. He went back to my reservation to see if I indeed had booked it with the bonus I was now requesting. I asked him what he would do if he didn't find it. He claimed that he was not obliged to give it to me. YMMV.

I don't want to drag this thread off into that topic, but I can see why l'etoile would express some mild concern.
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