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Lightbulb Better yet...

Originally Posted by sharmaintl View Post
...I had paid for a US 'Preferred Seat' using my Chase MP visa...
FYI: Next time, show your 1P card, and don't pay. I've been on two US (per se) roundtrips lately. The first one, outbound, I checked in at the counter. I asked if "this" (my 1K card) mattered as to boarding group. "Oh - Mr. Firewind," as he tore up my boarding pass... "What do you want? Exit row?" "Why, yes..." Exit row it was, and boarding group 1. When I looked puzzled, he said it was, paradoxically, because they can't sell a preferred seat at the counter. He also apologized, "We just can't do it until you check-in." Meaning, they couldn't "upgrade" me for the return until I checked in for it. Ditto all the above for my second trip. My best experience on US, ever. :-:
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