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Originally Posted by AndrewT84 View Post
Do you think it may also just be the route due to the lack of a 500 minimum? I know I shifted most of my LAX->SFO trips to VX
I don't think so, either. At the moment, I'm particularly cost conscious for a variety of reasons. Last night was my ideal UA experience. I got a "fair fare," (actually, a stunningly low one for last-minute travel), an easy upgrade, and a relaxing and comfortable flight with an on-time departure and early arrival. The only minor negative was that the captain put the World Series on channel 9. I'm not a sports fan, but I certainly understand the importance of the game to those who are and acknowledge the captain's courtesy in making it available.

The lines at TSA were so negligible that I was able to twice go outside for a cigarette and immediately return with no security delay. The TSOs themselves were professional, courteous and non-confrontational.

If flying was always like this, I might start enjoying it again.
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