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UA flyer compares Transcons SFO/JFK on 178

On Sunday, I flew on 178 between SFO/JFK on a 767.

I was seated in 31A. How do you guys survive transcons in coach, when United offers Economy Plus (E+)? Those seats on the 767 are tight.

My first impression was that this was an older 767. I regretted not looking at the service card on the door to determine when the plane went into service.

I usually fly in business class between NY and CA on UA's P.S. (premium service) 757. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why anyone would fly AA in those old seats, vs UA's nice new seats (in biz and first). As a matter of fact, the FA told me the seats were recently re-done on AA. He also told me he recently flew UA P.S. Biz on a buddy pass. Hopefully he didn't take my seat.
I couldn't compare biz service or food or IFE in biz class, but I have to say coach service on AA wasn't all that bad. Ok, it was pretty good. ^
The FA's made several runs through the cabin feeding us (I brought a sandwich with me) and watering us down. I think the word is attentive. @:-)

I didn't watch the movie. UA has AA beat by offering free headphones, vs $2. on AA.

AA's 2 aisle 767's beat the single aisle 757.

As I was taking my customary walk to the rear galley, the SF based crew asked me if I was looking for something. I told them I was a refugee from UA flying on my first AA flight in years. FYI, this was an award ticket. I think my last flight was in 1988. You know the story. AA pi$$ed me off about something, so I switched to UA.

When I told the FA's that I was new to American, we got into a nice conversation. They even offed me a free BOB cookie. Just about made my day. On UA, goalie is in the habit of passing out tootsie pops to FA's. As for me, I usually carry some novelty keychains to pass out. It's a good way to make friends. I even think that one of the FA's liked me. He seemed upset when I told him I was married.

Overall, I had a positive experience on this transcon with one of those great crews. They were so good I thought they were JFK based. Seems they were SFO based.

I'm still trying to figure out why AA's 50k transcon flyers aren't flying the friendly skies? Better seats. Nicer experience.
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