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Originally Posted by WingedWorldExplorer View Post
I am in the process of planning a trip for 5 people to Brazil. JJ (TAM) and UA have dropped their QY fuel surcharges to $ 60-$ 65 , but American Airlines is still at $ 250. For 5 people that is almost $ 1000 of unnessesary expense. If TAM and United have been able to drop Surcharges, then American Airlines must also be able to do so. Current JET A1 fuel prices are down 30% - 45 % from when these surcharges were imposed and I am sure AA buys its fuel at least as cost-efficiently as JJ or UA , if not better. Wake up AA, with new expanded service to Brazil, now is not the time to play Mickey Mouse with fees and charges making AA tickets $ 200 more expensive . Hope some AA exec reads FlyerTalk

So, are you flying on AA?
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