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Originally Posted by jcb10 View Post
The banks are figuring this deal out. I dropped off $625 (out of a $750 order) at a Citibank in Redwood City, Calif., this morning. The teller, taking my coins, asked, "Are you doing this for the points?"

"Huh?" (I was that dumbfounded.)

"Someone came in the other day and deposited $1000 of these. He said he was doing it for credit card points."

I hemmed and hawed, saying I wanted a few from each president but had to make a $250 minimum per coin issue (partially true). I don't know if I was believed, but walked out as inconspicuously as possible when my transaction was completed.
dont matter. I mean, hey, maybe we are SUPPOSED to only get these with the intent to circulate them--and many of us have done just that despite our main reasoning being to deposit the bulk right back into the banks. BUT, there's certainly nothing illegal about it! Again, it's an example of when marketing wants you to do something but if you do it differently, they find they reserve the right to change the deal.

In the book about the kids from MIT who took Vegas, and in the movie, "21" it's like counting cards. Aint illegal, but not liked by the powers that be.

That said, just continue til some guy named Nunzio comes and tells ya otherwise.

and oh, the jig is NEVER up til the Red Sox come back with 7 outs left and win from 7-0 to 8-7 in the 9th!

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