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Originally Posted by Zacnlinc View Post
I was speaking with a friend that calls himself a "UA guru" this week and he said something that peeked my interest.

He mentioned this...

"What if UA only allowed M,H,Y,B C,D" fares to be upgradable. Would you still consider remaining with them as an elite member?" My response was yes, but now that I've had some more time to think about it, I'm not so sure....
The masses will revolt if UA attempts to change the fare classes eligible for upgrades with SWUs: this is why United issued the Sweet Spots even valid on S&T fares to make up for doing exactly this in 2004. Perhaps you can forward all of the blowback to your UA friend and let him know in advance that United should not even consider going there with changing the fare class that are upgrade eligibility.
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