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Originally Posted by Zacnlinc View Post
"What if UA only allowed M,H,Y,B C,D" fares to be upgradable. Would you still consider remaining with them as an elite member?" My response was yes, but now that I've had some more time to think about it, I'm not so sure....
upgradeable with what, miles? or e500s? and of course you're talking domestic, right?

I think they don't have to do that anyway. As we're discussing in other threads, the way they're controlling who gets to upgrade is being cleverly executed by IM, so that status is being emphasized over fare paid anyway. It would go over badly though, I'm sure, unless they wanted people to buy upgradeable fares with the purpose of upgrading. And people would be upset if they bought tickets with that hope, just like they are now with YBMH international fares, and don't get the upgrade.

What I can see is that for the flights where it matters, if you're not high status (and somewhat) high fare, you're not getting that upgrade anyway, so UA has basically, in effect, put this in place already. It is a stealth copay -- your status and fare are already factored in.

I think they're about tweaking the algorithms silently and internally (they've learned their lesson) so they don't have to piss people off with outright stated policies that you can get upset over! You just notice fewer upgrades clearing, and begin to get the message that if you don't have status or buy F, you ain't gettin it!
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