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NEW! Red Carpet Boarding at GEG! No more First Class :-(

OK, I know this only affects, what, maybe three of us on FT, but it made me laugh anyway-

Just boarded on Monday and noticed a promotional for Red Carpet Premier boarding in Spokane; "coming soon, red carpet boarding for elites". They had a lovely little sample set up with ropes around it and everything. Can't wait.

Except, as of Nov. 1, all two-class service is being discontinued! No more flights to ORD and we are now being graced with TED to DEN, plus the occasional hop to SEA in UX. Oh, and boarding in little ol SpoVegas has never justified a red carpet anyway.

So I guess some marketing genius came up with this idea to give us a little luxury when they take away the front cabin. Of course this was not lost on the GA's who are a great ground crew by the way.

Used to have a front cabin to ORD, DEN, LAX and SFO, now we get TED and a turboprop...
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