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Originally Posted by dxp178 View Post
4th time in about 5 weeks that I've been on a flight where the equipment has changed within 48 hours of departure. I've kept my mouth shut because I didn't want to make a "mountain out of a molehill", but there has to be someone with some logic behind these moves.

Normally, if I were on a 757 or MD83 or 763 I ride up front, however when I am going in and out of BOS, LGA, JFK I am on a RJ135 or RJ140. Well what happens when you purchase your ticket as a Platinum member, on a RJ135, you pick your "Preferred Seat" in the exit row (11A) and then they swap it out for an RJ140 and now the exit row is 9A. Guess what? You don't get 9A, you stick in your assigned seat of 11A!!

Ok minor inconvenience, but if AA.COM is really marketing these "Preferred Seats" , then I better get a preferred Seat if I book a preferred Seat!!

(Stepping off of soap box now...)
HA. Same thing happened to me for my RDU-BOS flight today. Agree, this is not that hard for them to program into the computer.
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