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Recent experience at HR Embarcadero and GH SF

I stayed at the both hotels (HR Embarcadero and Grand Hyatt) on the weekend (FFN run).

1. HR Embarcadero
* Room: Upgraded to a RC floor (15F) with the nice bay view + balcony. There was a flat screen TV.
* RC Lounge: The perfect view of Bay Bridge and the very nice setting! The concierges were very friendly yet professional. Since there were dedicated service attendants to replenish food + clean tables, these concierge can actually focus on the real concierge work (like restaurant recommendations/making reservations, other travel assistance, etc.) The evening spread was really good - soup, shrimp salad, cooked salmon, cheese, grilled veggie, cold cuts, etc...you could actually make dinner out of it. They also had decent wine selections (honor bar: $4 for wine/beer).

2. GH
* Room: Upgraded to an Executive Suite without asking. ^
* GC Lounge: Much smaller than Embarcadero, but super friendly club concierges - in fact, they remembered me from the last visit. The evening spread was okay (nothing special) - figs + mascarpone cheese wraps, grilled veggies, and cheese. They also had decent wine selections (honor bar: $4 for wine/beer, $6 for sparkling wine).

Overall, I liked both hotels although both rooms (especially bathroom could use renovation). This was my first time to stay at HR Embarcadero. I would choose GH for the location, but HR Embarcadero for the RC lounge...

If I know how to paste photos here, I would...

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