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RANT - Downgraded at LHR T1

I have had my most disapointing day as a bmi customer today

as a gold card holder on a C fare

Firstly priority check -in was a bit of a cattle market before one of the agents stepped from behind her desk to inform eveyone that the desks were for biz class and gold card holders only - this reduced the queue in half!!

So i check one bag and engage the agent in conversation about the new star lounge in T1 - firstly she tells me im not permitted to use it (i remind her star gold can enter any lounge!) and after acknowledging this she is unable to tell me the location of the lounge and suggests i just go to the bmi lounge 'because ive been there before' !

this conversation has disracted me and its only when im walking away that i see that shes given me seat 18c!!!

i immediately return and and advise her that 1) im on a C fare and 2) ive prebooked seat 1C - this does not phase her and she shamelessly tells me in a loud voice that im on an economy fare and if i have a problem with that i should speak to the ticket desk for details of how to purchase an upgrade!

i wasnt angry - i was too stunned to be angry - i asked her to check again and she again advised me (and half of T1) that i was on a economy fare

i shook my head, booted up my laptop for the e-confirmation and went to the ticket desk who immediately confirmed i was on a C fare but the cabin was overbooked and i had been downgraded!!!

i asked the guy what criteria had been used to select the downgrades as surely not everyone in the cabin was BD gold - he said he didnt know but i should speak to the cashier for a refund of the difference in the C to Y (M actually) fare - this amounted to £41 - which i immediately declined reckoning that i would be pursuing an alternate avenue of compensation via DC themselves

to be fair to the agents in the DC lounge they were very helpful but explained that sometimes these things happen for operational reasons

of course get on the plane and there are 2 BA officers and 3 bmi crew sitting in the C cabin whihc consisted of 3 rows!!!

so FTers i presume my best avenue is a letter (or email which is best) to Donnington Hall detailing all of the above?

Is it appropriate to suggest what form and level of compensation you expect (personally id prefer miles than cash)?

What type of compensation would be normal under such circumstances?

Rant over - sorry to be so long winded - just felt genuinely let down today and i would be one of bmi's biggest flag wavers

on and BTW:
1 - flight delayed 30 mins to to air traffic issues
2 - aborted landing another 10 minutes
3 - delay in bags at arrivals another extra 10 mins

im going to have a pint!!!
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