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[FLAME]It is the BA forum which has the DYKWIA issue (well, at least more than the AA forum).[/FLAME]

In my experience, if there has been any sort of a change with a booking, it totally ruins any sort of online functionality - you can't OLCI, you can't make a change, you can do nil, zip, nada, zilch. Was this a factor with your booking?

I have also found that I can't OLCI if I book through AA, QF staff can see that it is an e-ticket, but the system can't, so it won't allow OLCI. Is this a factor in your recent expereinces?

As for why QF staff can do an OLCI but you can't, have you tried using a different browser? Sometimes if I can't do something using IE, it will work if I use Forefox or Flock. I am guessing that the cookie storage is different for each of the browsers, so opening a different browsing program will effectively result in a new session (the same as logging off).

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