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Online check in BS pt76

Ok, I understand I'm slightly annoyed, so flame me a little bit.

I tried to check in online. Again. Not coming up. I rang up. Again. Fair enough, this time I'm on my amex flight, so I thought that may be the problem. Almost ten minutes on hold, I get told to log out of and log back in. I do it. On another computer. I tell the person on the phone this. I say its still not working. I get told that it's working for them, so am I sure that i've logged out. I mean I must admit there are times that I'm a little dim. But when I turn a laptop off, and go to a desktop, I'm pretty sure my level of retardation isn't that high. I try and explain this, saying that I understand how the interweb works ( I actually am an IT consultant), but keep getting ask if "Can I answer the question, have I logged out". When I say yes, for the third time, I have, I get told that it is working on qantas' end, so it should be working on mine. I see, you're asking why I'm slobbering at the mouth over this. Normally I wouldn't. I've had online check in problems for a while. I ring up, they tell me where I'm sitting, they hold the seat, its all good. However this time I get attitude and told I need to check for my seat again when I check in at quick check. No. Ok, I've been reading the AA board, and partially I want to say DYKWIA. However, what I'm really after is are other people having the same problem. I know family members had a problem yesterday when they flew. One could check in online, the other could not, on the same flight. I'm sort of wondering if I'm just slashing in the wind sending QF a please explain, or is this a problem that other people have experienced?

Oh, if you want to flame, please make it interesting. I'm a giant fan of new insults (not from you mum!)
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