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The Rennes Airport site might give you some more ideas - it lists airlines that fly there, and where they fly from/to:

As for replacing a flight by a train journey...this could well prove to be more hassle than it's worth. From the centre of Paris it makes sense to take the train to Rennes - but not if you're landing at CDG. And Graz is a long way from any other airport, so it wouldn't make much sense to take a train from Graz to somewhere that has direct flights to Rennes.

The only other thing I can think of - and it's NOT something I would recommend - is to use Ryanair... GRZ to STN then STN to DNR (Dinard - which is quite close to Rennes). I don't know how the connections would work out - you would need to allow a minimum of four hours at STN (and preferably more), and you need to be aware that Ryanair doesn't "do" connections so if your inbounc flight is late and you miss the outbound one you're on your own.
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