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Well, I have never tried this, and in fact usually book directly with Marriott. When there is a significant price difference, I use the cut rate providers, too, though. More often I use them in high demand areas where the hotel itself is simply out of rooms but hotels.com has some blocks reserved.

That happened to me in May at a Marriott Courtyard in the middle of a major metro rea where it's hard to find rooms available and I did not expect to get any points, nor did I request any.

First week, I reserved the room thru Marriott and got points. Second and third weeks I booked through hotels.com. Fourth week, gt it thru Marriott.

I checked my points during week #3, and saw that not only did I get them for the first stay, but also for the second! When I checked out, I was a good honest citizen and mentioned it to the assistant manager (who was very nice and knew me my name from day one, stay one...what a memory!). He didn't even look at my record. He just said, "We know. Come back again!"

I told him I'd see him Monday.

<IMG SRC="http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/thumbsup.gif"> Just goes to show you never know what someone's gonna do.

(Edited to add: Later on, the points for week 3, which was also thru hotels.com, and week 4, thru Marriott, also posted.)

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