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Originally Posted by Adirondacker (Post #724) View Post
Thats odd

Order Date: 09/15/2008 at 11:45 PM

Order Status: Your order request has been shipped.

JOHN ADAMS $250 BOX $1 COINS 1 $250.00 $250.00 Item is no longer available.
This happened to my wife a couple of months ago. Since her credit card was never charged, we determined that the “no longer available” Item Status superceded the generic “request has been shipped” Order Status.

Just today her sister had another erroneous “shipped” Order Status while the Item Status is now “Line was cancelled,” a change from the former “in stock and reserved.” As long as no credit cards are charged, such phantom “shipped” orders are just a relatively harmless occasional glitch in the system.
Originally Posted by thehawk75 (Post #754) View Post
Ok, I've started ordering using my wifes card (actually she's an AU on my account), and JQA and Jackson have reached 'order in process' state -- which is a good sign, as it's no longer 'on hold'.

But, a more recent order of Washington's ($500) has now been canceled.

The actual reason says:

Line was cancelled

What does that mean? No more Washington's? I go to the catalog, and there are Washington's available for sale. Is this some weird code that indicates they already have my address on file and thus they canceled the order?

I'm thinking of trying again, this time adding the Madison's as they are now available again.

Any thoughts?
My nephew-in-law just had his Order Status changed to “order in process,” too. I think that's a good sign, that shipment and credit card charging are imminent.

There is some discussion upthread about the meaning of “Line was cancelled.”

If you look at the Terms and Conditions, the U.S. Mint has the right to cancel orders randomly for any reason. They seem to do this when orders outstrip availability, or for other reasons such as declined credit card charges, suspected excess multiple shipments to same address, etc. This is their miscellaneous cancellation provision.

“If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!”

Be aware that even cancelled transactions lower the “available credit line” on the credit card for a while -- two weeks with AmEx -- because the U.S. Mint often (usually?) neglects to inform the bank when cancelling orders.

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