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Originally Posted by ingy View Post
Two young ladies knocked at my door tonight carrying a very heavy box.

Seems like the US Post Office decided to deliver to the wrong address

We gave them a token of our appreciation.
At least you received them!

I ordered $1000 (four boxes) of coins on 8/12 and received an email from the Mint that they were shipped on 8/19. According to the email, delivery would be by USPS.

Attempted to track my order online numerous times, using the tracking number provided by the Mint in their email. I receive a message: no record of the item. I telephone customer service of the Mint, and the rep. tells me the order arrived on 8/25 in a nearby suburb, but can't tell me any more information, except that the package was sent parcel post. This rep. also informs me that the Post Office will NOT allow the Mint to track orders. (??)

Today, my local post office asserts it never received any such package, although, they acknowledge it is possible that someone might have "forgot" to scan in the package. The post office here won't even acknowledge that the tracking number I provided, from the Mint email to me, is valid.
They also won't help trace it because the coins were not sent insured. In other words, "too bad."

Now, I have to complete a form from the Mint website for non-receipt of items, as well as have AmEx. charge back the $1000.
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