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Originally Posted by kirax2 View Post
If it's just a matter of a different apartment, I doubt that would flag anything. They will do an automatic verification of your billing address for your credit card, which will probably check the zip and *possibly* the street number. If the zip (or street number) doesn't match the billing address of the credit card, the cc will be declined. Since yours is just a matter of a different apt. number, it makes sense that it wouldn't be a problem. But someone trying to send the coins to a different shipping address altogether from what's on their credit card bill might have more of a problem (i.e. their cc is likely to be declined!)

Someone might test this - try sending it to an address with the same zip but different street number from the billing address on your cc. If it gets declined, we'll know the mint checks more than just the zip code portion of the address.

I had my order sent to a different town with a different zip code and had no problem
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