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Originally Posted by supermasterphil View Post
What does that mean? Can you enlighten that some more please?
Due to the schedule cuts and parking of aircraft, the airline wanted to furlough 450-500 of our 5,000 pilots. They offered several programs to mitigate the total numbers including early retirements for our senior pilots, a leave of absence program, and a voluntary reduced flying (VRF) program which cut 25% of one's schedule for the next 18 months.

I believe they had approx. 160 take the early retirement and had over 100 take the leave of absence. Another 160 or so took the long term VRF, which had the effect of reducing approx. 40 furloughs.

The company came to the union this week and offered 'no furloughs' in exchange for relief on several contract provisions. Tying in furloughs with contract negotiations torqued off quite a few people and both the company and the union drew lines in the sand if you will......the union didn't want to open Pandora's Box, and the company was using these 180 guys as bargaining leverage. The company is trying to relax our scope clause (RJ flying, partner airline codeshare, etc.) and wanted ALPA to relax scope in exchange for those jobs.

Anyhow, the bottom line is that 180 of our junior guys are hitting the streets this week.....

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