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It's really difficult to comment, given you haven't provided any dates, etc. But RM affects all of that, so how many C seats might exist would depend on seasonality, day of week, others grabbing them up - whether using VIPs or miles + copay.

Originally Posted by TooMuchTravel73 View Post
So my wife wants to go back to Thailand with me.. and I was hunting for C upgrades from XXX to NRT... Curiously I'm seeing frequently that there are "zero" C upgrades from LAX/DFW/ORD to NRT (using Expert Flyer) Called the Exp Desk (just to make sure EF wasnt broken) and alas they confirmed that there were no C class seats.

I seem to recall the day (which has apparently passed) where there were almost always 3 C's per plane.

I was on one FRA to JFK flight, where my C didn't process; but alas, business wasn't full. Now that makes little sense to me, unless AA really isn't wanting us to use the C upgrades as easily. Whats the logic in having empty seats in business and a Exp in coach wanting to use the eVIP upgrade?

Two thoughts come to mind, they want me to pay the $$ and the miles to do it; and they know that there isn't a better FF program out there (with the upgrade seats out there) so I can't switch...
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