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Originally Posted by SS255 View Post
Fair's much more difficult to blow someone off when they are in your face. But this advice pre-supposes that the OP has the number for the executive office desk. The Customer Relations 800 number on the website (if it is even still there - I'm not going to take the time to check) gets you a lovely recording basically telling you to either submit your complaint in writing, or buzz off.

I suggest that the OP use whatever number is available, and if unable to get through on the phone, revert to the plan in the original post.
The # for the executive office is 877-369-6512 ([email protected]). Talked to a nice woman there a few weeks ago and she was shocked when I told here that in the last 2 years I have not received 1 acknowledgement or response on any email I have sent through that POS website. And this is both compliments on staff as well as complaints (more compliments).
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