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This gets more ridiculous. So I called this morning and after speaking to applications learn that I can't just upgrade my account I would need to start all. over. again.

So I'm on the phone with this guy for about 25mins as he reads out all this stuff I'm supposed to listen to about fees, APR and balance transfers then tells me after he has hit the submit button that I'll hear back within 30 DAYS! If I apply online I know within less than 30 seconds. And there was me thinking I'd have the miles to use for an award I'm looking to book within a month.

Back in the UK when I upgraded a fairly new Amex card it was one 30 second phone call and done. Reminds me why I've stuck with them for 95% of my purchases since I became a cardmember.

Originally Posted by andre1970 View Post
Based on your credit history, their systems spit out a credit score (your creditworthiness), and this is what a creditor takes into account in determining your credit line; not whatever you may happen to declare.
Well their process seems to neglect some pretty important part of my financial picture then! What they've done in the process is make their own card completely uncompetitive with the ones I have already giving me absolutely zero incentive to use their card for anything whatsoever. Besides they asked me if I have a checking or savings account but not how much were in them which makes a hell of a lot of difference in my case. For our household income (not Forbes list but well above average), my financial standing (I won't go into specifics but it is very healthy), credit history (never paid anything but full balance and on time for every bill. Our only regular outgoings are utilities and modest rent) the limit and card they've given is frankly insulting and useless.

I was looking to purchase a couple of international J tickets on that card this week but due to their lousy limit and useless award limits I can't and wouldn't even put them on there as it stands. I'll just put it on one of my Amex cards instead.

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