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Seems I got a bit screwed over by this one!

Looking at the website I mistakenly believed the Platinum Mastercard was the one that actually looked Platinum, but no, it was a blue looking one which only comes with a 15k sign up bonus. I thought ah well, that's the state of credit cards today, the name never matches the colour....then I set up my online account and the amount of spend is double the number of miles I've earned so far. I look up the terms and conditions on the card and it says 'One mile per dollar' with one of those little asterisk/crucifix things beside it. So I click on that and scroll right to the bottom and there it announces the existence of a third card! No fee and 1 mile for every $2 spend and only a 5k mile signup bonus. Effin' brilliant! It's what they've assigned me!

I called to see about upgrading to a card level that might give me an incentive to use it but I'd need to speak to applications who are closed for the night.

In the UK when I applied for my second credit card MBNA asked about my existing credit cards; credit limit, issuer, any outstanding balance etc and would at least match the limit of my declared cards. Alas Barclays/Juniper didn't ask me any of that information but I did declare my household income and they gave me a credit line of less than 3% of it! Amex have given me 10% and 15% on my HHonors and SPG cards. That is in addition to my shiny chargecard I have with them!

Mastercard haven't exactly given me an incentive to use their card! Lousy credit line and lousy benefits! I'll see how I get on with the applications department tomorrow.
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