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Originally Posted by num1bearsfan View Post
I have some questions regarding WestJet, so I'll just lay them out..

Does WJ offer any sort of premium grade seating? IE first or business class?

What types of aircraft does the fleet consist of? I think I heard that it's all 737, is this accurate? But as far as 737, what types -300 -700 -500 -800?

Does WJ offer it's employees free air travel?

Does WJ utilize contract ramp services at any of it's locations either by another airline or by a flight support company?

Are any of the departments at WJ unionized, specifically the ramp?

Have you heard anything through the grape vine about starting service at MDW?

In fact, WJ doesn't offer "free" air travel to employees. There's still a small fee and taxes are tacked on top of it, but certainly the total fare paid is less than what the market fare is. And keep in mind that this is standby travel, meaning space available.

I believe YEG, YYC, and YMM are the only bases with Westjet ramp services, though I may have missed a few.

We have a dozen 737-600s but we won't be getting any more of those. Most of the new aircraft coming are 737-700s but also able to convert those to 737-800s if desired.

As a Westjet employee, I like to think of the entire cabin as first class, not economy class! Hehe! Our leg room is decent, though some really tall folks can really only feel comfortable in our bulkhead or some emergency row seating. Compared to Sunwing, which seats 189 on their 737-800s (the majority of their seats are very cramped, though you can pay for increased legroom in the first half a dozen rows/emergency exit rows), our 737-800s seats 166.

Hope this help to answer some of your questions! Cheers!
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