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Welcome to Flyertalk, tom_C_87

Are you British, or are you an overseas student in the UK?

I hope you don't mind my saying this, but if you are British, and you grew up in the UK, then I am a bit surprised that you need to ask about things like visas. I thought everybody knew about the European Union and EU free movement - isn't it the sort of knowledge you would have grown up with, just like one grows up with knowledge about the UK education system and the NHS etc etc?

There is plenty of information available about working in other EU countries, and the basic information is very easy to find online - just do a search on something like "Working in other EU countries". When you do this make sure that you distinguish between government sites (which are generally accurate and up-to-date), and unofficial ones which may have lots of useful information but may also contain some misinformation. UK government sites end in, those of EU agencies end in either or

As for what country is the best one to live in - that's really very subjective. As someone has already said, language may be your limiting factor, especially in your field which very much depends on communication. For some fields, such as IT, language doesn't matter quite so much (my other half used to be an IT contractor, and he found that the working language for IT projects was often English). To work in psychology and counselling you really need native command of the language of the people to whom you provide a service - "native command" means knowledge not just of the language, but also of the underlying culture, something you only acquire through living in a country for a LONG time and completely immersing yourself in that country's culture.
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