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Originally Posted by knifeandfork View Post
What incentives do the people checking cars back in have to generate damage reports and charges on the return of vehicles?

I ask because I got stung 110 for a tiny bit of damage to a front onside tyre at LHR the other week. I got the distinct impression that the man doing the check-in had been told that morning to look very closely at tyres and alloys in order to generate revenue.

I'm over a barrel in this situation; they've got your credit card details, bosh, you're done. It's ultimately no skin off my nose, I'm getting the money back off Amex. But it felt like I was being shaken down.

I had 21 weeks of rentals from Hertz last year. The experience doesn't exactly encourage me not to give my future business to, say, Avis.

Hi there

Whilst it would be stupid of me to say "No" we don't offer incentives to staff, it would be even more careless of me to reveal type of incentives we offer.
What I would like to say is that the rental industry as a whole are "revisiting" services and procedures such as CDW penetration against transactions. Hertz along with other car rental companies are looking at ways to improve certain "revenue streams", CDW collection is one of our main KPI's and we do admit complacency means some charges are or have been missed in the past. We also realise pre rental checks must improve in order for this to work efficiently and not to pi** off our loyal customer base.
Hope this explains to some point about damage charging. If not I would only be too happy to explain some more if any questions.
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