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Originally Posted by Gaz View Post
Yeah, no joy with the system.

Official word from LH is that they don't know where it is, because my loss report hasn't got through to their system yet.

The operative told me that it's very likely it didn't leave MUC due to the strike, but couldn't say for certain. She also said if this happened, I wouldn't have been told about it, because that would require the bag to be entered into a system, and the people that do that are on strike too.

My return flights, happily, are operating, but she advised me to avoid checking bags.
I would confirm immediately with LH MAN to see what they did with your bags (everyone will tell you that this is not the procedure, and that you should liaise with the last airline you flew with, but I do not subscribe to their theorem - it just doesn't work!)...then you can move forward - I once had a GA tag mine with someone else's name to *another* destination (different carrier) and *luckily* the lounge dragon spotted this when I asked her about whether they had time to make the flight...

(They actually did, but I was told by the GA that I'd better hurry, or they wouldn't! (little did *I* know that she had already arranged for them *never* to travel with me at all!))
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