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Originally Posted by danosu77 View Post
Often they will board FIRST, EXP, PLT as separate groups since they often have 20+ EXP on a single flight.
Since (at least in theory) FIRST boards as a separate group, may I assume you are saying you have seen EXP boarded separately from PLT? And you believe this was done because there were 20+ EXPs on the flight?

Originally Posted by danosu77 View Post
If 1 or 2 flights are disrupted, it is very conceivable to have that many EXP's on a standby list.
Sure it's conceivable that 46+ EXPS could end up on a given standby list, but I don't believe it's routine... even at LGA.

Originally Posted by nrr
I was flying on 7/25/08 flt 750 dfw-lga, on arrival (from msy) i saw that my flt was cancelled.
This is weird. I just checked to see if I could decipher why your flight was canceled. flightaware.com says that AA Flt #750 on July 25 was diverted to JFK, but it doesn't mention anything about a cancellation. Strange, huh?
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