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Since Jul. 27th was on a Sunday, I知 a day late. I知 still willing to buy sbm12 $100 worth of drinks (maybe not all in one sitting) for the technicality, and for the sheer entertainment value. Many of you can guess what #6 is, which was formally announced today. As for #5, there are actually a few near-term initiatives large and small that I知 wedging into one. Here they are:
  1. Better beer, now boarding August 1. Effective August 1, we値l begin serving Corona Extra, which will take the place of Fosters. We hope you値l take advantage of this subtle improvement, and yes, we値l be stocking extra limes. Also on the topic of beverages, we致e added Coke Zero. This is in addition to our normal assortment of complimentary soft drinks, including Coke and Diet Coke.

  2. Elite Upgrade Automation changes. Starting in November, our Elite Upgrade Automation (EUA) will be expanded to account for customers whose reward travel waitlists were transitioned to the airport upgrade standby list. Currently, the EUA process overlaps with the day of departure, and can lead to Elite members getting complimentary upgrades ahead of customers placed on the airport upgrade standby list due to an expired waitlist. This change will add a new level of integrity to upgrades handled inside of 24 hours.

  3. New customer experience survey. Later this year, we値l be launching a new email survey that値l be sent after your Continental trip is completed. At first glance you壇 think this was just another survey, but it really is the first of its kind (at least in the airline industry). Of course, you値l be able to opt out, but here痴 why you wouldn稚 want to:

    • It痴 fully integrated. Unlike other surveys, this survey is linked behind the scenes to everything we know about your travel experience, like reservation information, transactional information, and other relevant operational information all the way down to the catering on your flight. This means that when you tell us about something, chances are we値l know exactly what you池e referring to.

    • It痴 short. This survey won稚 ask you anything we already know (like your flight or seat number), and we値l specifically focus on where we should improve. By cutting to the chase, the average survey time will be less than a minute. You値l even be able to do it on a mobile device.

    • It値l drive true improvements. The results from this survey will give us granular-level reporting, which will point us to very specific areas of improvement. It値l also enable us to swiftly respond to more time-sensitive maintenance issues. For example, if you were to indicate that your inflight entertainment system malfunctioned, we壇 automatically generate a maintenance report behind the scenes.

    For the past year we've been piloting this survey internally with our co-workers traveling on company business, and we池e just about ready to go prime time. Starting in October (or maybe sooner), we値l expand this pilot to include our OnePass Platinum Elite members. Within a couple months of that, we値l ultimately phase in all travelers for whom we have an email address.
While this was a fun bet, I can assure you that we池e not stopping here. There痴 plenty more improvements where this came from, and as usual, the feedback from our FlyerTalk community has really made a difference.
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